Vehicle Engine Diagnostics

You wouldn’t ignore a traffic light

Vehicle Engine Fault Diagnostics Chester North Wales

In the world of motoring, it’s fair to say that warning lights are there for a very good reason and should never be ignored. This is especially true for the lights that flash up on your vehicles dashboard.

If you have a light or fault code on your dashboard, then getting it checked should be your number one priority. As a little early intervention now could end up saving you a lot of money further down the road.

At ST Repairs in Chester North Wales, we offer a full engine diagnostics and fault code service for the majority of vehicle manufacturers. Our staff are fully trained to deal with warning light faults and code correction. 

Whatever the fault, we can access the ECU to clear any fault codes or configure the replacement components using a diagnostic tool.

Don’t let small issues develop into big problems

The moment you get a warning code or dashboard light, or even if you feel there’s something unusual going on with your vehicle, we’d recommend giving us a call as soon as you can.

For under £35 we can run a complete vehicle diagnostic at our Chester workshop and let you know exactly what’s happening under your bonnet. Giving you peace of mind and arming you with accurate information regarding what needs addressing.

Complete Vehicle Diagnostic under £35

Don’t let small issues develop into big problems


Your most frequently asked questions

We get lots of questions about our car diagnostics across Chester, so we thought that we’d list and answer the ones we get asked most. If there something you specifically want to know that isn’t listed here, then please just give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat things through with you.

The whole process takes around 30 minutes to complete, after which you’ll know everything you need to know about the faults and up and coming concerns with your vehicle. We will run a full diagnostic for just £34.99

Most garages charge between £50 and £90 for a full diagnostic check. We charge just £34.99 for the same procedure. We’re not quite sure why other places charge double for this service, but we can assure you that it really is the same procedure.

So you just have to ask yourself the one question.. 
..“Why should I pay more for the same service?”

We will provide you with a report of current and up and coming issues that need addressing before they become more expensive to deal with.

Once the diagnostic is complete, then service and error lights showing on the dashboard can be reset using the scanner.

Some warning lights may cause your vehicle to fail its MOT, even if there are no problems with the system indicated. For that reason alone it’s worth getting the vehicle diagnosed, especially if your MOT is due, as the warning lights will cause it to fail.

We plug a scanner into your vehicle that allows us to see exactly what’s going-on under the surface. It’s because modern vehicles are built with so many processors, sensors and microchips, that our diagnostic tool is able to spot any faults showing up in the engine management system.

It provides us with a list of codes that show us which parts of the vehicle and components are displaying faults. From the data we get, we can clearly see what’s wrong with the vehicle and recommend the fastest and most economical way of rectifying and preventing the problem.

The diagnostic computer allows us to examine your vehicle’s major systems in detail. It immediately shows us any current and up and coming issues with your vehicle’s engine, transmission, exhaust system and brakes; as well as provide you with information about which coils are firing, ignition timing, levels of rpm in the engine, performance of your fuel injector, the crankshaft and camshaft position as well as air flow and coolant temperatures.

Once you know what the problems are, or what they are likely to be in the near future, then you will be armed with that information when you get your vehicle fixed. You’ll know what is and what isn’t wrong with your vehicle and you can have a much more informed conversation with your mechanic.

We totally believe that getting your vehicle diagnosed (especially when it’s the same price as a good valet) is one of the most important preventative things you can do for your vehicle. So no, you certainly don’t need to wait for there to be a problem before you find out what’s actually happening with your vehicle.

A diagnostic is an excellent way of detecting potential problems before an actual breakdown occurs, as the diagnostic will reveal all the current and impending faults, no matter how minor or major.

Whilst a diagnostic won’t take you back in time to prevent any issues, it will certainly arm you with the knowledge of what’s wrong and what maybe of future concern. With that information you can make informed decisions regarding your vehicle, as well as avoid the build up of costly problems in the future.

This is largely dependent on what the warning light is highlighting. If it’s a light that indicates that there maybe a problem with the engine, then you should check your other gauges to make sure that oil pressure and engine temperatures are normal. The gauges should show you if there is a problem (the needle indicators shouldn’t be in the red). If it looks (or sounds) as though you have a problem, then you should pull over when it’s safe to do so, turn off the engine and seek help.

If your warning lights are blinking, you may notice a change in the vehicles sound, a loss of power, or other performance problems. If this is the case, then reducing your speed will help reduce the demand you are placing on your engine. In many cases it’s ok to still drive the vehicle with an amber warning or blinking, but you should get it looked at as soon as possible. If you feel unsure, then pull over when it’s safe to do so, turn the engine off and seek help.

There are usually 5 different colours of warning lights, with the most common two being amber and red.

If you have a red warning light showing you should pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so and seek immediate help, or you could cause further and substantial damage to your vehicle.

If you have an amber light showing, then this acts as a warning, in the same way as amber traffic lights warn that a red is imminent. You can usually still drive the vehicle with an amber or any other colour warning light, but you should get the vehicle checked as soon as possible.

Don’t just rely on the lights on your dashboard though. If your vehicle is making odd and unusual noises, then that could be a sign of trouble and you should get things checked over.

The same goes for new vibrations too. If your vehicle is vibrating or pulling to one side when you break, you could have issues with your break discs or pads, but it could equally be an issue with your suspension or steering. Either way, you should get the vehicle checked as soon as you can.

Even if a fault is intermittent and the warning light has gone out, your vehicle will still store that fault and it will show up in the diagnostic. Enabling you to find out precisely what’s going on when you have the diagnostic check.

Even if you vehicle is still under warranty, a diagnostic will let you know precisely what’s is wrong, or what’s potentially going to go wrong. That way you’ll know that all the faults are being fixed under the terms of your warranty, because you’ll accurately know what all the faults really are!

You can sit in your car if you wish, as we have a Covid-19 kit and procedure we use to access the data port we need to plug our diagnostic computer into. Once connected, the Bluetooth technology takes over and we can run the diagnostic from anywhere within the vehicles vicinity.

Or, if you’re feeling energetic, you could go for a quick walk. Unfortunately our reception area is currently off-limits due to Covid-19.

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