Motorhome Habitation Service


Motorhome Habitation Service Chester, North Wales

Not only does a Motorhome Habitation Service ensure that you and your loved ones are living in a safe environment, but it’s also a vital way of making sure that the little issues don’t turn into bigger expensive problems.

Here at our Chester, North Wales based workshop we can spot the small things early to not only ensure that your motorhome is safe and nips future problems in the bud, but you will also be maintaining your warranty and avoiding possible future problems with insurance claims.

From as little as £120

What our Thorough Checks Include:

From as little as £120, ST Repairs Chester can carry out an extensive annual Motorhome Habitation Service to check all the following areas and more:

  • Damp meter test
  • Checking floor for delamination
  • Check operation of cupboard hinges, catches, locks & stays
  • Checking operation & condition of all window catches, stays & seals
  • Checking operation & security of all skylights, blinds & fly screens (adjust if required)
  • Check fixed ventilation openings for free flow of air

This includes checking:

  • Operation & condition of water pump, pressure switch (adjust if required)
  • Check system housing
  • Taps & shower fittings
  • Overall condition of fresh & waste water pipes & fittings
  • Toilet condition including seal, blades & flush
  • Drain plug seal

This includes checking:

  • Condition of inlet plug & hook up cable

  • Operation of RCD, MCB’s and earth bonding

  • Wiring, sockets & fixed connections

  • Battery charger

This includes checking:

  • Wiring & fuses
  • Function of 12v fridge
  • Function of all 12v sockets
  • Condition of battery (clean & lubricate terminals if needed)
  • Function of all 12v lights

This includes checking:

  • Condition of smoke alarms
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